Samba 2.0.5a & Solaris 2.6 Assistance (PR#19370)

Andrew L Gibson agibson at
Wed Aug 4 23:22:06 GMT 1999

Followup on things I have learned. We can't run the 64bit code.
That requires an Ultra box.  Sparc2 and IPX hardware does NOT
support 64bit. IIRC, anything with a Sparc 4m or 4u processor
(that's basically a Sparc 5, 20, or Ultra machine) can do 64bit.  is a Sparc 2- 32bit machine. (1990-vintage

My question now is did the Samba configuration set me up for 64 bit
or what is needed to configure for Solaris 2.6 with no 64 bit
logic. If any file is needed for review, please let me know.

Andy Gibson

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