Samba & Network Neighborhood

Ken Gerdes gerdes at
Wed Aug 4 20:03:59 GMT 1999

      I have not been having luck with Samba at all lately.  I had 2.0.3
installed, and it worked fine.  Then, I upgraded to 2.0.5, and my Samba
server does not show up in my network neighborhood.  I moved my old
smb.conf back into place...nothing was changed.

     Everything is fine.  The workgroups are the same.  I don't
understand the WINS server thing...can you explain what I need to do?

     The biggest problem I have is that my server is on DHCP, which
causes the IP address to change frequently, meaning I have to change my
lmhosts file on every Windows machine.  Any way around this annoyance?

     I've been looking for someone to help, but no one has responded
yet, probably because the question has been answered dozens of times.
If anyone can help me through these problems with Samba, I would greatly
appreciate it.  It's driving me crazy!!!

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