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J.Flechtner jafgon at
Tue Aug 3 14:07:50 GMT 1999

Hello team!

	My relative newbie status to linux is preceded only by my Samba newbie
status. To make a long story short.......The powers to be at work decided
it was time to purchase a genuine server, they had enough peer-to-peer
networking, and money was a concern and the budget was low. So I opted for
a Dell Poweredge 2300 with RH Linux 6.0 pre-installed since I had already
been using linux at home.
	A friend told me that Samba was the sure fire way to keep the peace
between Linux and Windows. Ever since then I have clocked countless hours
in finding out just how Samba works and subscribing to your mailing list
will help out even more.
	Many thanks in advance and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Josh Flechtner
527 E. Sandusky St.
Findaly OH  45840

jafgon at

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