Unable to map network drives

julie.kilbourne at amd.com julie.kilbourne at amd.com
Fri Apr 30 16:13:09 GMT 1999


Can anyone help me?   

We are trying to set up SAMBA version 2.0.3 running on a Sun SPARC 20
running 4.1.4.  We want to use our NT domain to authenticate
usernames/passwords.  We are unable to map network drives.  The error
message displayed when typing 'Start' 'Run' '\\sambaservername' is:

This account is not authorised to login from this station. 

Here is part of our smb.conf file....   Any thought at all would be really


   netbios name = 
   server string = 
   remote announce = 
   allow hosts = 
   password server = sfrmamd15
   wins server =

   username map = /home/samba/samba/julie/user.map
   password level = 0
   security = domain
   workgroup = AMD
   encrypt password = yes
   password server = 
   preferred master = no                        
   browseable = yes
   dead time = 5
   debuglevel = 9
   log file = /var/log/sambalog
   guest account = nobody                     

Thank you, 

Julie Kilbourne
Systems Engineer

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