Latest stable version 2.0.3 with Arc/info

Nicholas Waltham nick at
Fri Apr 30 13:17:59 GMT 1999

 First I must say, I am not an expert with arc/info, but one of our users uses it regularly and wants to work with files directly on our samba server, which runs under linux 2.0.36. It seems there are two modules that she regularly uses arc and arc edit. When she does complex, heavy operations such as a 'clean' using arc, it just sticks there permanently after sorting, however doing exactly the same operation under arc/edit works. This problem does not occur locally, or when doing the operation on a share from a Windows NT server. The workstation has Arc/info 7, Windows NT 4 Workstation with SP4, IE5.

If anyone has any experiences they can share, that would
be really helpful.

Best Regards,
Nicholas Waltham

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