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james miller jamesmiller at
Thu Apr 29 21:31:11 GMT 1999

I work as a computer technician at a local college in the midlands.
I have been experimenting with linux since Christmas.  I have set up a small isolated intranet using a linux box as a Webb and file server.  The clients are win95 boxes.
I have used samba to give file sharing for the network and have used samba for printing.  At present the printer is attached to the linux box.
What I want is a remote print server for the intranet.  I have spare 486s etc.
Will I need to install linux on the print server or is there a program that can be run from DOS that has connections to linux????

Please do you know or do you know somebody who could advice me on the best way of setting up a dedicated print server.
It would be nice if the print server could display the print queue it is serving.
If you can help please e-mail me at jamesmiller at
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