weird problem

kees kees at
Wed Apr 28 13:33:15 GMT 1999

Hi there,
I ran into a weird problem. 2 machines, one with an NE2000 clone (W95)
card and the other with an Etherworks203 (linux with Samba).
Samba: from W95 client file shares ok, home shares ok, can read and write
files. Printing: I *can* configure a printer up to the printing of the
testpage, that fails. At starting of W95 it succesfully connect to the
printer share. Printing something fails, W95 creates the data pipe but
sends no data.....

>From W95 telnet to Linux works. If the W95 box is booted as Linux (2
partitions) NFS from the original Linux box works.

BUT:  replacing the Etherworks card with an NE2000 Clone SOLVES ALL THE
PROBLEMS..... :-?
I have to dig in that further.

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