login problem

Jason Duerstock jason at sdi.cluephone.com
Thu Apr 29 17:07:22 GMT 1999

I'm logged into a Windows 98 machine trying to attach to a HP/UX 10.20
machine named 'behemoth' running samba 2.0.3.  When I try to do a 'net use
z: \\behemoth\oracle' to map user oracle's home directory, it fails
telling me the password is incorrect.

The catch here is that I am logged into the Windows 98 machine as jason
and it won't let me use oracle's password to map the drive.  Is this
correct behavior?  Do I have my '[homes]' section misconfigured?  This
used to work in 1.9.x...

I can also replicate the behavior using smbclient '\\\\behemoth\\oracle -U

Thanks in advance for any assistance

Jason Duerstock
Baffled System Administrator
Applied Automation Techniques

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