Printing Problems / SAMBA Digest 2072

Axel Neumann amn at
Thu Apr 29 13:59:25 GMT 1999

Hello Brian,

There is a very annoying problem with UNIX systems and network printing. On 
nearly all SYSV systems the spooler stores only the address of the 
(temporarily) print file. This does not cause any problem if it is created 
by a local application. If the temporarily print file was created via a 
network application (Samba, NFS, etc.) it will be removed shortly 
afterwards. In the most cases the spooler is not able to print the file in 
time. To avoid this problem you have to advise the spooler to copy the file 
first into the spooling area before printing. An entry for SYSV printing in 
smb.conf would look like the following:

print command = /usr/bin/lp -c -d%p %s; rm %s

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