Mapping of Network Drive through win9x dail-up networking

Neil Chan nchan at
Thu Apr 29 08:53:04 GMT 1999

Hi Thomas,

Really Thanks for your advice. I have tried your suggestions but problems still
remain. My findings is that some Windows, regardless of version, can map to
Samba through dial-up networking but some just cannot. I try to find the
difference between these Windows but failed.


Thomas Cameron wrote:

> Neil -
> The problem you are having is possibly from one of two things.  First off,
> MS changed the dial-up encryption between Win95 (retail version) and Win95
> OSR2 and higher.  What machine are you dialing up to?  Is it a UNIX box or
> an NT or Win9x machine?  If UNIX, it may be a dial-up password encryption
> issue.  I had a problem where I upgraded an NT box to SP4, and it broke
> dial-up networking for my Win95 (retail edition) boxes.  They would
> authenticate for the dial-up session, but they were unable to map drive
> letters or ping past the dial-up server.  After I upgraded them to MSDUN
> 1.3, the problem went away.  Maybe you are having the reverse?  Maybe your
> Win boxes are looking for MS encryption and are only getting PAP/CHAP, so
> they fail to go past the dial-up server?  Take a look in the dial-up
> networking properties for the dial-up account.  Look around for the "Enable
> Encryption" check box, and uncheck it.  See if that helps any.
> Second thing is, I have found that Win9x boxes don't really like
> \\ipaddress\share.  They seem to do better with \\servername\share.  Edit
> the file called lmhosts in the c:\windows directory.  Look at the comments
> in c:\windows\lmhosts.sam, especially at the #PRE instructions.
> Hope this helps...
> Thomas Cameron, CNE, MCP, MCT
> Three-Sixteen Technical Services, Inc.
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> Subject: Mapping of Network Drive through win9x daip-up networking
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> Hi all,
> I have been troubled by this problem for a long time and really hope
> that someone may help by giving suggestions.
> I have setup Samba 2.0.3 on a Sun Solaris as a file server and I map
> drive to Samba by using DOS prompt command "net use".  It work very well
> in the intranet of my office. However, when I dial up from a mobile PC
> with win98, I try again with the command "net use m:
> \\\test" and after quite some time, it timed out with error
> message "Error 55: The specified resource is not available. The computer
> that shared the resource might have been turned off  .....". However,
> when trying to map to a NT server through dial-up networking,  I always
> succeed with the command net use.
> I have done many tests for this problems. I have try many windows
> platform, win95 (original ver.), win95(OSR2) and win98. All with most
> updated dialup networking (ver. 1.3)  from microsoft installed. In fact,
> I have test at least ten PC with these platforms and  found that only
> win95 (original ver.) can successfully map a network drive to Samba
> through dial-up networking, strange?
> I have also change the parameters in "smb.conf" and try to map drive
> through GUI by configuring "lmhosts", wins server, PDC. But it remain
> the same. From my past experience, I found that network drive can be
> mapped by using "net use" as long as there is network connection from
> SMB server and client even the SMB server is not seen in Network
> Neighborhood. Am I right?
> Could someone tell me whether it is possible to map network drive to
> Samba through windows dial up networking ?
> Thank you for your attentions.
> Regards,
> Neil Chan

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