Authorizations on the Linux box disk

Stephane Fromholtz Stephane.Fromholtz at
Wed Apr 28 11:57:00 GMT 1999

Hie all,

I've got a Linux box seen only as a File Server by the PDC under NT 4 Server.
With "security = domain", I use encrypted passwords, create my NT accounts,
my Linux accounts, and tell the Linux box with a smbusers file, which NT users
is which Linux user.

This works fine with home directories, but what kind of authorizations should I use
with groups ? For example, if I create a share called "Qm" (Quality Management),
a group called qm and want only the users who are in the qm group to have total
access to this share, how can I do ?

With NT, I can say "Grat all permissions to this group + this users and this other user".
how can I do the same under Linux ? I've read that a Linux user can be in more than
one group, but when this user creates a file with samba, which permissions do samba
fix to the created files/directories ?

Help me please with this, it's quite annoying to have only my users's home directories
on samba, and the group directories under NT boxes...

I'm using SuSE Linux kernel 2.2.6 with samba 2.0.3.
Thanks in advance.

Stéphane Fromholtz
Coordinateur Informatique

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