Eagle Point upgrade causes problems

Hank Burton wburton at literati.com
Tue Apr 27 02:33:34 GMT 1999

Samba Users:

One of my clients is using Samba 2.0.3  on Linux 5.0 with approximately 25
clients. This particular client is an architectural and civil engineering
group using AutoCAD R12 for all their drawings. One of the add-on programs
the civil engineering techs use is Eagle Point of which they just received
an "upgrade".

Prior to the upgrade load times were acceptable at about one minute to load
the AutoCAD drawing and subsequent Eagle Point data. Now with the upgrade,
it takes a frustrating 13 - 15 minutes!  Eagle Point denies any wrong
doing, and has taken the stance "we don't support Linux and Samba". How
convienent for them.  When we move the data to a Windows 95 station (a
supported OS by Eagle Point), the file transfer time drops to 5 - 7 minutes
(still unacceptable).  They cannot give us an answer to the delayed time.

When running the Microsoft System Monitor and watching the network client
read graph the AutoCAD file bursts to 900kbps but when the Eagle Point data
begins it drops to about 40 - 80 kbps.

Does any one have any suggestions on improving load times?  Are there any
Samba settings that could possibly help?  A different TCP/IP stack?
Loading AutoCAD R12 files is great -- less than 20 seconds on average.  We
have no other problems besides this Eagle Point application.

I realize much of this probably doesn't have to do w/ Samba, but it doesn't
hurt to ask. Thanks for any help and suggestions.

  Hank Burton
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