Windows NT Network Client problem

Hall, Ken (ECCS) KeHall at
Mon Apr 26 13:57:25 GMT 1999

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but since I only have
Samba servers on my network I'll toss it out and see if anyone knows
anything about it.

I was originally testing a network configuration that was going to contain
an NT PDC, but have since decided to go with a Samba server using workgroups
for the time being.  Samba is up and running and the Windows 95 and 98
clients see the two servers fine, but on my NT4 Workstation machine the
"workstation" service has started failing on startup.

The symptom began right after I switched from the "domain" to "workgroup"
setting in the Network options panel.  At first it was intermittent, but now
it seems to be happening every time I start the machine.  When it WAS
working, everything was fine and I could see the shares on both servers.  I
can't switch back to "domain" because I no longer have a PDC on my network,
having replaced it with the second Samba server.

The error displayed in the Event Log is "The system cannot find the file
specified".  If I go to a command window and do a "net start workstation",
the response is "Command failed with error 2", and "The system cannot find
the file specified".  There is, of course, no mention of exactly WHAT file
could not be found.

The system is running NT4 with SP4.  It also has the 32 bit NetWare client
installed, and access to the NetWare server is fine.

Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong, or where I might be able to
get some info on this?  There's nothing in the M$OFT database, and I can't
even find a reasonable explanation of the error.  Thanks much.

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