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Mon Apr 26 08:05:46 GMT 1999

i've a little problem with deleting print jobs. let me briefly explain.
i've several win95/win3.11 machines that print to linux machines running
samba (1.9.18 or 1.9.17, it depends). print services are all public, so no
password is needed to print. but when someone tries to delete his/her print
job, after a pause, the windows machine says that he/she has to contact the
administrator or that he/she has not enough rights to delete that job
(these are translations from italian, so your messages may be different
from mine).
i thought the trouble may depends on missing users on the linux print
server (i.e. linux machines have no user at all, except from guest, and
that is used for browsing). is that true? if so, how i can fix it?
i thought about 'forcing users' on print services to guest, but it doesn't
seem to work. print job are still undeletable. i have no machine running on
secutiry=user, so i cannot use security=server on linux print server (at
least i think so. i'd like to be proven wrong).
i thought about hacking the lprm command, but i don't know how to do it.
usually, i 'sudo lprm -Pprinter' to delete print jobs, but i have to give a
password, and i don't know how to code it inside an lprm command. has
anybody done something like this before? and is he/she willing to share it?
any other solution? thanks for your time

please, excuse my english
Marco Frattola
Piacenza             "MY office is not a Microsoft Trademark!"
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