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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Sun Apr 25 20:09:58 GMT 1999

On 25 Apr 99, "Thomas Cameron" <tcameron at three-sixteen.com> had 
questions about HP Deskjet 1000c:  

> I have Samba 2.0.3 running like a champ on a dual PPro 200, 128 MB RAM,
> running Slackware 3.6, kernel 2.2.5.  Running like a champ as far as file
> sharing is concerned, that is.
> I have an HP Deskjet 1000c hanging off the parallel port.  I set up a raw
> printer in /etc/printcap, the line looks like this:
> dj1000|DeskJet 1000c:sh:lp=/dev/lp0:sd=/var/spool/lpd/dj1000
> the printing section in smb.conf looks like this:
> [printers]
>         comment = All Printers
>         path = /usr/spool/samba
>         print ok = Yes
> The print jobs make it, and start coming out the printer, but where ink
> stops getting laid on paper, the form stops.  I guess I need a form feed. 
> I tried making my printcap look like this:
> dj1000|DeskJet 1000c:sh:lp=/dev/lp0:sd=/var/spool/lpd/dj1000:mx#0:ff=\f
> which should force a form feed, and set the max print size to anything.
> This didn't work.
> How do I force a form feed after the last page?  Is it a Samba thing, or a
> Linux thing?

It looks to me like it's a linux thing, ie, smbprint is only used 
for remote smb printers.  And I couldn't see anywhere in the 
smbprint script that handles that stuff.

I'm not sure how slackware does it (I gave up on slackware and 
debian a long time ago) but redhat uses a generic magic filter 
(if=...) along with ghostscript and nenscript to handle printing 
chores.  They also have a nice X-based printtool widget to 
configure printers.  The redhat setup does not use the printcap 
option to handle formfeeds, but has a line in the magic filter for 
that (user-specified) option.  There are seperate config files for 
postscript and ascii, and each one has a SEND_EOF option.  The if 
script (a bash shell script) detects the setting, and if set to 
yes, sends it as an ascii code with printf "/014".

I'm not sure why the ff printcap option isn't working for you; you 
can try changing the string it sends and see if that helps.  Or you 
can use a filter to send the proper escape sequence (I assume the 
HP knows PCL?).  For the netware queue, I had to do the double 
printer thing described in the HOWTO (where one printcap entry runs 
a filter, but then re-directs the job to another printcap entry 
that sends it to the remote queue via nprint).  You shouldn't have 
to go that far though...  Have you tried printing various files 
from the linux side?

The linux printing HOWTOs are a little dated, but still have some 
good info.  There is also printing info in the smb HOWTO.  You 
might want to play around with some of the debug stuff mentioned 
there, or maybe check out the APS filters, lprng, etc.  I barely 
have a clue about this stuff, even after my experience playing with 
custom filters for netware queues, smb printers, local printers, 
etc.  My advice would be to read the above HOWTOs, the man pages 
for lpd, lpr, printcap, etc.  Most of all, poke around on your 
system and look at the config files, filter scripts, etc, and try 
various options.  

If you want to be properly tortured, you have to show the proper 
desire and motivation... ;-)

Hope this helps, Steve

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