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Sun Apr 25 18:19:58 GMT 1999

On 25 Apr 99, Adam Schrotenboer <ajschrotenboer at> had 
questions about Setting up SMB Server:  

> I am able to access other SMB servers (Win98), but unable to allow them to
> access me.
> The computer is listed on the other computers, but I cannot make them
> browse. I have set up a guest account, and tried that pwd.
> Anyway, Win98 says that a password is req'd for \\Server\$IPC, and I
> tried a number of different pwds, the ones I set up for these accounts,
> and I am always told that that is the wrong pwd. Encryption is turned on
> in the smb.conf, and after each change in smb.con I run samba restart.

Showing up in the browse list means nmbd is working (at least 
mostly).  Your problem is related to authentication.  Browsing is 
done as guest (via $IPC) so it looks like guest is not being 
authenticated properly.  What security mode are you running in?  Is 
samba passing authentication off to an NT server box?  When you say 
"tried a number of different pwds, the ones I set up for these 
accounts" are you sure samba is looking in the right place for the 
passwords, ie, have the linux accounts been mapped to smbpasswd, 
and the passwds are M$ hashed, and is the path correct?

Can you browse/connect with smbclient?  Have you gone through the 
test steps in the Diagnosis.txt doc?

As a test, try turning encryption off and setting the PlainText 
password key in the registry of one client.  Then, using the M$ 
client network login, enter the name and password from an account 
on the linux box.  Then try browsing the samba shares.

By default RedHat does not use shadow passwords, but the shadow 
utils are all there (you must manually setup the shadow file).  
However, it wouldn't be a bad idea to check for /etc/shadow and 
make sure your passwords are actually in /etc/passwd.

I haven't played with either kernel 2.2.x or samba 2.x yet, but I 
shouldn't be *that* far off...

Hope this helps, Steve

Steve Arnold           

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