WINS resolving problem

Stephan Austermuehle au at
Sun Apr 25 10:59:08 GMT 1999


I have the following problem with NetBIOS name resolving using nmbd.
Here's my configuration:

Subnet A (domain A) contains Win95/98/NT and Samba nodes. They can see
each other only via broadcast. None of these has WINS enabled. On subnet B
(domain B) all nodes have WINS enabled and there is a local master browser
for domain B on the net. The WINS server is a Linux 2.2 based router with
two Ethernet interfaces which connects subnet A with subnet B. The router
is running Samba 2.0.2 (smbd, nmbd) with WINS support enabled. It belongs
to workgroup A and is a local and domain master browser for domain A. All
nodes on both subnets are using IP.

                eth1 +---------------------+
---subnet A----------+       Router        |eth0
                     | WINS server enabled +---------subnet B---

Looking up a host with nmblookup in subnet B from node in subnet B works
fine. There's no problem looking up a node on subnet A when calling
nmblookup on the router (which has direct access to subnet A), too. The
trouble starts when I want to look up a node in subnet A from a node in
subnet B -- nmbd always replies that it cannot resolve the name although
it should be possible for it to do broadcast resolving.

How can I tell the Samba server on the router to resolve names in subnet B
from a node in subnet A? I read BROWSING.txt but that doesn't help me. I
played with the wins proxy option and the name resolve order but that
doesn't work.

The smb.conf on the router looks as follows:

	interfaces =
	name resolve order = wins bcast
	workgroup = WGRPA
	bind interfaces only = False
	domain master = Yes
	preferred master = Yes
	os level = 65
	wins support = yes

The router offers no shares.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,


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