nmb bug

mark at hoist.nlcomm.com mark at hoist.nlcomm.com
Sat Apr 24 21:17:08 GMT 1999

I had disabled one of multiple interfaces a few days ago using
ifconfig eth1 down.  When I went to restart samba, nmbd wouldn't come
up and gave absolutely no indication of why.  The only way to have
figured this out (other than removing options from smb.conf one at a
time) would have been to use the debugger.

So, I learned that smbd and nmbd will ALWAYS come up in daemon mode
whether or not the -D is specified.  It puts this into the log:

standard input is not a socket, assuming -D option

This looks like a pretty stupid assumption; I started smbd from the
command line, which I expect is the most common way to run it if
you're trying to debug things, and it insisted on always going into
the background.  There should be an option to force it to stay in
the foreground and log to stdout.

Just my $.02.

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