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Fri Apr 23 18:58:48 GMT 1999


Thanks for your help.  I set my samba debug level = 3.  How to run it with verbose
logs?  I can't find it under samba-1.9.17p4/docs.  Where can I find troubleshooting
docs?  Could you tell me the web site address? I can't find it under

I tried running net view \\morpheus (that is our linux) and got the following:

On NTs:

c:\> net view \\morpheus
Shared resources at \\morpheus
Samba 1.9.17p4

Share name        Type        Used as        Comment
common            Disk                                Public partition
homes                Disk                                Home directories
hongwei            Disk            H:                Home directories
hp4n                   Print                                lp
lab1disk               Disk                             Lab1
The command completed successfully.

On 95s:

c:\> net view \\morpheus
Shared resources at \\MORPHEUS

Sharename        Type              Comment
MORPHEUS C        Disk
The command was completed successfully.

The main difference, which is also the strange thing, is the share name under windows 95
is shown as "MORPHEUS C", which is also seen under windows 95's Network Neighborhood.
Of course, user can not mount it because there is no such a share.  On the other hand,
NT users can mount the shares on morpheus normally.

As for logs, I checked /usr/local/samba/var.  After this strange thing happened
yesterday morning, the log files for all Windows 95 machines do not get any new
information.  Only log files for NT machines still add information about login, logout
etc. at the end of each log file.  The very last two lines of all log files for windows
95 machines are

Closing connections
04/21/99 10:23:38 Server exit  (normal exit)

with a slightly different time.  Could you give me any more help?  Thanks!

Hongwei Li

> Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 18:17:56 -0400
> From: CLIFFORD ILKAY <clifford_ilkay at>
> To: samba at
> Subject: Re: Urgent! Win95 browser problem
> Message-ID: < at>
> At 02:25 AM 4/23/99 +1000, Hongwei Li wrote:
> >We have a very strange problem with samba.  We have a Linux box
> >(Slackware 3.3, kernel 2.0.3) and samba-1.9.17p4.  Samba has been
> >running well for a while (more than half year) without any problem.  Our
> >NT and 95 users can mount the home, shared directories and printer on
> >the linux machine without any error message.  We have a NT server 4.0 as
> >PDC and smb.conf sets security = server and the NT server as password
> >server.
> >
> >Since this morning a very strange thing happens.  None of Windows 95
> >users can see the Linux shared directories/home/printer any more, but
> >all NT users can still see them without any problem.  The error message
> >for Windows95 users is:  "The share name was not found. Be sure you
> >typed it correctly."
> >
> >There is nothing wrong with the share name because nobody changed it and
> >NT users can still see them.  I reboot the Linux and Windows 95
> >machines, but no luck. Can somebody give me any idea/suggestion to fix
> >the problem?  Thank you!
> Hi,
> If you are not running Samba with verbose logs, set the logging level to I
> believe it is 3 and then check the logs. The troubleshooting docs detail
> the process. Try doing a net view \\<the Samba server> to see if you can
> see the shares on your server from your Win 95 clients.
> Regards,
> Clifford Ilkay
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