Problems for samba server appearing in browser list

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Fri Apr 23 05:32:07 GMT 1999

On 23 Apr 99, Christopher Read < at> had questions 
about Problems for samba server appearing in browser list:  

> I've set up samba 2.0.2 on a sun e 3500 to export a drive.
> I have no problem mapping the drive to NT 4.0 if I use the
> ipaddress or the \\machine_name\drive method. However it will
> not appear in the browse list of available machines in the
> relevant domain. As you may have guessed I know nothing about
> NT.

Probably more than I do, but I'll give it a whack in the head ;)

> The NT domain I want it to be part of is called BGIC which is
> what I presume you put in as the samba workgroup name?? I 've
> also declared the relevant domain controller machine - is
> there anything else I need to do?

As I understand it, you just need samba to be in the same workgroup 
as the NT box (it should be okay if the workgroup and domain are 
the same).  You should probably be running samba in either 
"security=server" or domain mode.  Do you have a WINS server, and 
does it know the NetBIOS name of the samba box?  That should be 
about it.


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