problems with samba on SGI Origin 200

Ferenc Kiraly feri at
Thu Apr 22 16:04:12 GMT 1999

	Hi, again.

Thanks for a speedy answer. The problem is mainly with NT workstations.
They are the ones that read and write 99.9% of all the data on our
network :-(

I do have separate log files for every machine and I did check for
errors (sorry I didn't mention this in my first post). There are
no errors. I think I once tried a debug level of 10, and got nothing
that I would call suspicious (while some machines got corrupted files). 
There are definitely no errors at debug level 2, which is how I 
usually run samba.

Unfortunately I don't have a compiler, so I must rely on the binary


Herb Lewis wrote:
> Ferenc Kiraly wrote:
> >
> >         Hi!
> >
> > I am runing samba 2.0.3 on an SGI Origin 200 server for ~25
> > Windows NT and Windows 95/98 clients. About 90% of the time
> > everything works fine, but now and then files get corrupted
> > somewhere between Samba on the server and applications on
> > the clients. The files are actually ok on the server, reading
> > them multiple times or from different machines eventually
> > return an intact file. I am not sure about writes, but it seems
> > that some writes are unsuccessfull as well.
> >
> > Before 2.0.3 I had 1.18.10 and there were no such problems.
> >
> > Has anyone noticed anything similar? this problem is quite
> > embarassing form me, because management is asking questions
> > like "how about NFS"?
> >
> > I have nothing unusual in smb.conf.
> >
> >         feri.
> You may want to take a look at the pre2.0.4 code as there were several
> things fixed (especially with Win95 clients) that could cause a smbd
> to die. This could then give the "corrupted" file behaviour you
> described. Check you log files for machines that had the bad files
> and see if smbd exited unexpectedly. If this is easily reproducable
> make sure you have set smb.conf to have separate log files for each
> machine. I have the following on my O200.
> log file = /usr/samba/var/log.%m

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