cant get in!

Mike Katz mkatz at
Thu Apr 22 15:02:03 GMT 1999

Hello!.. I have been trying to get samba working for some time now! .. I
have a linux box (runing samba) and a NT domain (Nt and winx clients)... I
can see the samba box in the network neighborhood, I can see the dir's in
the samba box... but I cannot acces the foldes... when I try it asks for a
user name and pass... however it does not mater what combination of windows
or linux pass's I use i cannot get in! ... The general consensious is that
this is a encripted pass problem... however I have the same isues with my
win95 boxes....

I have tryed all combinations of security levels, encription, and password

is there a good book that walks me through this? ... can any one help? ...


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