Does smbtar have a size limit ?

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Thu Apr 22 08:31:21 GMT 1999

On Apr 21, 1999, Michael Harlow <Mike.Harlow at> wrote:

> an NTFS share on an NT Server, onto a Solaris 2.5 system.

> The NTFS partition is 10Gb. At the 2Gb mark, the tar stops.

Are you writing to a tar-file or to a pipe?  A pipe could handle more
than 2GB on Solaris 2.5, but a file cannot.  On Solaris 2.6, a
transitional API is available to create and use files larger than 2GB, 
and Samba allegedly uses it.  I'm not sure about smbtar, though.  It's 
worth a try.  If it fails, just tell smbtar to write to stdout, and
pipe it into cat, redirecting its output to stdout.

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