Password Authentication...entering twice

Bernhard Lüder bl at
Thu Apr 22 04:16:23 GMT 1999


I have been throught the FAQs and the docs. However my question remains

I am running:

Red Hat 5.2

on small network with mixed WIN95VR1, VR2 & WIN 98 mashines. I have
turned off Encrypted passwords in all machines as described in the FAQ.
Logging in from the WIN machines in prinicple works However:

Sometimes when I log in I get the response:

Password incorrect......

Yet the password must be correctly typed, because when clicking on
cancel and then Ok (without changing the password) the user is correctly

For some reason this happens randomly without any logic on any of the
machines never on all of them.

What can be done about this? Is it normal? Any comments are arpreciated.

Also we have a kinda slow network @ 10 Mbits/s. A 20 MB file takes about
60 seconds to read and about double that to write. Any simple
suggestions how / if this can be improved?
Bernhard Lüder
bl at

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