problems with samba on SGI Origin 200

Ferenc Kiraly feri at
Wed Apr 21 17:56:14 GMT 1999


I am runing samba 2.0.3 on an SGI Origin 200 server for ~25
Windows NT and Windows 95/98 clients. About 90% of the time
everything works fine, but now and then files get corrupted 
somewhere between Samba on the server and applications on
the clients. The files are actually ok on the server, reading
them multiple times or from different machines eventually 
return an intact file. I am not sure about writes, but it seems
that some writes are unsuccessfull as well.

Before 2.0.3 I had 1.18.10 and there were no such problems.

Has anyone noticed anything similar? this problem is quite 
embarassing form me, because management is asking questions
like "how about NFS"?

I have nothing unusual in smb.conf.


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