Does smbtar have a size limit ?

Michael Harlow Mike.Harlow at
Wed Apr 21 09:28:46 GMT 1999

Hello. I'm trying to use smbtar/smbclient (2.0.3) to copy
an NTFS share on an NT Server, onto a Solaris 2.5 system.

The NTFS partition is 10Gb. At the 2Gb mark, the tar stops.
No errors, the file just stops. The process (smbtar) returns.

Is this a problem with Solaris 2.5 ? I believe it is, and if 
I upgrade to 2.6, I can create larger tar files. However, does 
anyone know if smbclient/smbtar can handle these larger than
2Gb files anyway ?

Why am I copying 10Gb from an NT server to a Unix box ?
Because I will be eventually able to NFS mount a 100Gb partition
from a Cray, and have the tar.file(dump) migrated out to a
multi-terrabyte Quad-DLT7000 tape storage array. Nice.

Also, does anyone know how to introduce some compression into
the smbclient/smbtar process ? If you install gtar, smbclient
still rejects the -z (compression ?) option. It would also
be nice to tell it to use gtar instead of tar, without having
to overwrite the system "tar" binary, with gtar.

Oh, and one last thing, does anyone know of an NT utility that
can dump NTFS security permissions (ACLs) for an entire share
structure, into a single file, in a form that can be re-applied
to that share on recovery from a tar file ?

Thanks, Michael

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