Multiple recipients of list (SAMBA digest 2060)

Jørgen Hammer, DanBolig a/s jh at
Tue Apr 20 09:42:11 GMT 1999

One of our real estate offices in Slagelse, Denmark received a mail from you at 18'th of april about SAMBA Digest 2060.

They opened the mail and did not understand a single word of it. They thought, that maybee it was a virus. I'm shure they don't use your software.

Will you please remove our office from your mailing list, and can you explaine to me, how the office appears on the list.

The e-mail adress I want to be removed is info at 

Venlig hilsen
Jørgen Hammer

Telefon 33 33 47 78
Telefax 33 14 34 22
e-m at il jh at
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