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Tue Apr 20 09:05:51 GMT 1999

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Jim wrote:

> Perhaps I am doing this all wrong, I am new to this. I am using the lates
> version of SAMBA, and am trying to mount a remote win95 drive on my linux box.
> I tried smbmount and it didn't work, unknown command. I also tried the following
You need smbmount to mount smbfs. If you compiled and configured yourself,
did you add --with-smbmount ?
(and you are of course using samba 2.0.3)

The default dir for the samba binaries are:

this is most likely not in your default path.

> don't laugh.
> mount  -t nfs \\server\share \remotes

:) (sorry I couldn't help myself ;)

You may have a problem with \ being used to escape things. mount uses /,
smbmount also understands / (and so do smbclient). But of course you
properly ':ed everything as the manpage shows.

> when I do this I am returned an error saying can't locate the address for the
> server.  I can smbclient \\server\share and get files that way, but I was
> wondering if there is a way to mount this so it shows up in KDE as a file.

Yes, this is what smbfs does. You do have smbfs comiled in your kernel (or
as a module) ?

> Sorry for the dumb question, and who in their right mind would want to
> mount a winxx drive on a linux box. It's a long story.

No need to be ashamed. :) Lots of people here are doing that ...


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