heavy performance problems - Samba 2.0.3 - NT SVPR4

Alex Oesterle oesterle at swl.fh-heilbronn.de
Mon Apr 19 18:44:40 GMT 1999

hi everybody,
my samba performance is very bad. in my 100 MBit network the file transfer
between nt und my samba linux (2.0.34 , 2.0.3) is terrible.
from nt to nt 70 Mbytes are 2 times faster than the same 70 MBytes from
Linux (i.g. samba) to nt workstation.

where the hell is the problem und where can i find the solution ???

is it a problems with the passwords ?? cause all users can connect from nt
to samba, so i don´t think that the password encryption is the problem.

where did i lost the packages ? the performance ?

please help

with kind regards

alex Oesterle

Alexander.Oesterle at spidersoft.de
Student of medical Informatics

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