SMBFS in 2.2.x

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>Subject: SMBFS in 2.2.x

>Im wondering if anyone is getting the same problem with smbfs as i am
>with the 2.2.x kernels
>when i try to smbmount a share i get the following on the screen
>"SMBFS: need mount version 6"
>and also on the telnet shell or actual shell
>"mount error: Invalid argument
>Please look at smbmount's manual page...."
>the mans have nothing
>i revert back to 2.0.x and it werks fine
Yes, this is a complete pain in the bum and had me fooled for a time. smbfs
has been completely redesigned in 2.2 kernels to work with a new version of
smbmount. The idea is to reduce dependence on kernel code so all those rich
people with AIX, Solaris etc. can use smbmount as well. For some obscure
reason the command syntax has changed. A mount is now something like

    smbmount //server/sharename -c "mount /mnt/smbdir"

You need to use the version of smbmount that comes with Samba 2.0. Of
course, this won't work with V2.0 kernels... There are a few shell scripts
floating around which attempt to do parameter translation depending on
kernel version, but none of the ones I've tried actually work.

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