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Tim Boyer tim at
Fri Apr 16 22:09:24 GMT 1999

I'm trying to take little tiny baby steps here, and even so keep stumbling.
I'm sure it's due to my unfamiliarity with the Win9x networking.  If someone
can gently nudge me in the right direction, I'd surely appreciate it.

I'm running samba 2.0.3 on a Data General unix box, and am just beginning to
set up my network.  I'm trying to get three users set up with simple access
to my /data directory.  They're all running Win98; they've all got an
account on the unix box, and their passwords match.  My smb.conf file looks
like so:

# Global parameters
        log file = /usr/local/samba/log.%m
        guest account = laptop
        guest account = tim
        guest account = cliff
        hosts allow = ALL

        comment = All Printers
        path = /tmp
        create mask = 0700
        print ok = Yes
        browseable = Yes

        comment = Temporary file space
        path = /tmp
        guest ok = Yes

        comment = Data path
        path = /data
        read only = No
        guest ok = Yes

As I said - I'm trying to k.i.s.s.  Anyway, user 'tim' can log on, get to
/data, and share the printers without any problems.  User 'cliff' can log on
and share /data, but can't get to the printers - I get 'You must supply a
password for this connection: \\DENMAN\LASERJET4', and no password works.

User 'laptop' can't log in at all - I get a 'You must supply a password for
this connection:  \\DENMAN\IPC$', and no password works.

I've verified that the passwords all match in Windows/unix.  I apologize for
the newbie questions, but I've read and worked on this for a week - I'm
desperate.  Any help would be appreciated greatly.


Tim Boyer
IS Manager
Denman Tire Corporation
tim at <mailto:tim at>

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