Samba eating CPU ressources

Jan Kratochvil short at
Wed Apr 14 20:49:48 GMT 1999

> Tomek Jarosinski wrote:
> > 
> > when people are working with netscape (netscape cache is 
> > in their homes), but also with some other application 
> > (SPSS). We plan to set for all 2000 users netscape 
> > cache on c:\temp, but with 1.9.18 this problem
> > was not existing. 
> I have always had this problem with netscape.  Always 
> better to cache to the local disk.  Wish I had more 

  Yes, I agree.

> information for you.
> I would suggest doing a combination of truss and using 
> smbstatus to see what is going on though.

  Andrew or some other super-hacker maintaining Samba was posting some time
ago that excessive CPU usage on directories with many files in them is caused
by the fact that Windows are case insensitive but UNIX is case sensitive
and so Samba must 'guess' which file to act with. (At least that was the
brief contents of that mail AFAIK.)

  But here are two interesting points:

  1) There is a lot of algorithms to solve such matching simply and effectively.
     Of course, they all require to read the whole directory (and possibly
     cache it with later checking directory modification timestamp).

  2) So in 1.9.18 doesn't have this problem? How it is possible?!? Some
     clever algorithms were replaced by worse? Or the original behaviour
     was lacking some features because of design flaw?

> Cheers,
> jerry

     			Bye, Lace

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