Questions about samba passwords

Todd Bedell bedellt at
Wed Apr 14 15:13:09 GMT 1999

I have installed samba (1.9.18.p10) on all of our HPUX (10.20) machines
(about 300)and am experiencing strange behaviour concerning passwords. I
am using a file that translates all of our UNIX users names to
the corresponding NT login names, and I am using encrypted passwords. The
problem is that once I connect to a UNIX drive on the network, I can
connect to another UNIX drive (different machine) using the same user
name, but an older and different password. All of my smbpasswd files are
kept in sync across the network, so I'm confused by this behaviour. I
have tried resetting the [s,n]mbd daemons on the UNIX machines, but no
change. Is this information cached somewhere that I don't know about?

Todd Bedell
bedellt at

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