NT-Printer and Samba

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Wed Apr 14 02:31:45 GMT 1999

On 13 Apr 99, "Dipl.-Phys. Dr. Joerg Kampmann" 
<kampmann at zchaxp1.thg.mh-hannover.de>  had questions about NT-
Printer and Samba:  

> Due to a reconfiguration I am looking for connecting the printer
> (HP-LJ4M) to a WinNT-WS client. and if I try to print out of DUNIX via
> smbclient this WS tells me something about "access denied" and when I use
> "-d 10" (debugging) smbclient tells me: "resending login" "Password:" ---
> I enter the administrator password "Using encrypted passwords" ...
> "session setup failed for username=ROOT myname=ZCHAXP1 destname=QNXKAMP
> ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (access denied)" ... What did I do wrong?? 

Here's my guess: you have the default smbusers file with the map 
for root (-> administrator admin) so smbclient is sending the wrong 
password to the NT box.  Try the username switch on smbclient to be 
sure you're sending the print job as a valid NT user.  It might be 
a good idea to create the same user on the samba side too.  Who's 
doing the authentication in this setup?

In my case, I am the same (somewhat) normal user on both my 
linux/samba box and the shared NT box.  Printing from unix or 
windoze 9x/NT works fine.  But RedHat has a good basic SMB printer 
setup, so that part was trivial...  If you need to experiment with 
printing from the DUNIX side, the linux printing HOWTOs can be very 
helpful.  You might want to think about installing lprng.

Hope this helps, Steve

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