Deleting someone elses print job

Miquel Bonastre miquel at
Tue Apr 13 11:06:49 GMT 1999

> I need to set up one user so he can use the Windows Print Manager to
> delete any print job, he is the print manager. However I do not want him
> to have any other kind of supervisory privelages on the linux server for
> now. How do I do this?

  I tried to do something like this with the option

     admin users = printmaster

  in the printer share, and my surprise was that his print jobs
  were owned by root but the lprm command was executed as the 

  Is this a bug? Has anybody tried this succesfully?

                            Miquel Bonastre (miquel at
                            Area de Sistemes Unix (LCFIB)
                            Facultat d'Informatica de Barcelona
                            Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

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