Print from Unix to Win ?

LOC loc at
Mon Apr 12 03:26:29 GMT 1999

Hello All,

I've install SMB in my Slackware 3.5 (kernel 2.0.34) box, I can "see"
other  Wins, but have trouble in printing to NT, I cannot see the
services offered by NT ( by smbclient -L NT ),  even cannot see printer
service offred by other Win98/Lose95 machines.
Please, help me: What I'm missing in my Slackware? What is wrong on
setting  in Win98/95 machine ?
Thank you very much.
I've tryed to dig in archive but it leaks some search engine in at archive across entire archive (by years/months of years),
so I cannot found my interesting infos, sorry very much.

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