domain-name resolution with win9x

Steffen Einsle steffen at
Fri Apr 9 18:59:11 GMT 1999

hi, i hope this topic is not a rtfm problem, but anyway here my question:

whenever i connect to a samba server NOT in my workgroup/domain, connect
first succeeds (i can access the specified share and files).
but then a error message pops up stating that the specified computer or
share cannot be located. oddly, win9x tries to locate not the server i was
connecting to but the domain.
eg. remote server REMSERV serves domain REMOTE_DOMAIN. I try to access
\\REMSERV\share (by simply entering this in my explorers address bar).
now my network neighbourhood is extended to contain now also the remote
in my explorer window i can now access the files in \\REMSERV\share.
so far, so good.
now win9x complains about REMOTE_DOMAIN.
oh, the remote server is connected via a dialup line, so keeping phone
costs low :)

any ideas ?

S. Einsle  <steffen at>
Steigerwaldstr. 16 - 97318 Kitzingen
Tel. 09321 / 36539, Fax. 09321 / 384801
Mobil: 0171/4923885
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