home directories and macros

Carey F. Cox carey at tabasco.lamar.edu
Fri Apr 9 21:57:00 GMT 1999

Is there a macro for the home directories of users which would basically 
provide the same service as the environment variable $HOME?

The reason i am asking is that I want to setup the user "homes" share 
so that it accesses a directory within their home directory so as not 
to mix dos and linux files. For example...


would be the path for the homes shares and would thus keep these files 
separate from the linux files. The simple solution is given in the 
documentation. However, I have users whose home directories do not 
fall under /home, i.e., /staff/carey. The above would not work in this 
case. Samba has no problem finding different base directories for "homes," 
so there must be some kind of macro to specify the home directory.



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