Samba 2.0.3 and NT/9x

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Or you could save the registry entry as a reg file and

regedit /s pw.reg

in a logon.bat.

That might work for you.  I haven't tested when logging in as
a regular user however.  

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Dear all,

I recently upgraded to Samba 2.0.3 and read the doc files about NT
machines because I cannot connect to the Samba server.
In the WinNT.txt file there is the following proposal:

[ --- Start of pasted text --- ]

The following registry entry change will re-enable clear text password

Run regedt32.exe and locate the hive key entry:

Add the following value:

Alternatively, use the NT4_PlainPassword.reg file in this directory
by double clicking on it, or run regedt32.exe and select "Import
File" from the "Registry" Menu).

[ --- End of pasted text --- ]

For both WinNT and Win9x, the solution to connect to a Winbox,
regardless if it the Samba server has the 'security = user' option set
or not, goes through modifying the registry files on each PC. That
wouln't be a major problem under a reduced enviroment but a
time-consuming task under a bigger one.
This makes me face the following question: could Samba manage all this
work somehow? It is easier and faster to set up a single machine rather
than 100... I think you already get the idea.



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