smbprint(ing) to a HP 3100??

Jeff Wiegley jeff at
Fri Apr 9 01:49:02 GMT 1999

I work in a lab were the only "printer" we have is an HP 3100
(printer/fax/scanner) item.  This printer is hung off a Windows98
box and I want to be able to print to it from my linux box using

I can connect to the share that represents this printer:

smbclient \\\\server\\printer "" -N

and I get the SMB> prompt which (I think) is pretty useless for

using smbprint to try to print to this thing doesn't seem to work.
(my log file has lots of this:
      smb: \>    garbagegrabagegarbage: command not found

is this because samba 2.0.3 obsoleted the -P flag and smbclient
is incorrectly guessing that this is not a printer?

Is there someway I can override (like with the -P flag) what
smbclient "thinks" a share type is?


Jeff W.

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