Issues with 2.0.0

Bousfield Peter Peter.Bousfield at
Fri Apr 9 01:41:22 GMT 1999


We have recently upgraded from various 1.9.18pn of samba to samba 2.0.0 (as
part of 
making all our machines across the company homogeneous).

I am having two problems with the new version:
1) oplocks are failing, and
2) passwords are occasionally being rejected.

I have searched the archives and have implemented the oplocks = False to
"solve" problem 1.
(From the postings in the archive my understanding is that the oplocks are
breaking 'cause
I have a faulty device on the network - which I will follow up. If anybody
knows more info on
this then please mail me.)

I could not find an answer to the second problem in the archives.

We currently use security=server without encrypted passwords.
Under 2.0.0 users username/password can be rejected by the password server
for no 
apparent reason. The user then cannot get a connection even if the correct
password is
given until some time later (I think some time later means after some sort
of timeout).
Users passwords are only rejected on occassion (ie most times it works

(I kind of get the feeling that the password server authenticates a
connection, this connection
is then dropped (timed out 'cause of flaky network perhaps), and then
refuses to authenticate
the same credentials for other connections, until the authentication
credentials timeout. 
This is all a guess and may be completely off track.)

I was wanting to know if anyone else had experienced similar problems.
And if so is there a work around?

I am looking at changing to security=domain, but this wil require testing
before roll out and in 
the mean time I would like a work around for security=server.


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