samba v2.0.3/Solaris 2.5.1/HP-UX 11.0/Rational ClearCase v3.2.1

bbaenisch at bbaenisch at
Thu Apr 8 02:13:24 GMT 1999

Hi -

I'm getting timouts trying to access or I'd look through the
archives first.

Anyone currently supporting any versions of Rational's

We are currently running samba v2.0.3 on both HP-UX 11.0 (vob server) and
Solaris 2.5.1 (view server).  Rational ClearCase v3.2.1 on the two UNIX and
NT Workstation 4 (some SP3, some SP4)  We currently support UNIX/NT
interopration via both Hummingbird's and Netmanage's PC-NFS client software,
but want to get rid of them both if we can.

We already read the "ClearCase UNIX/Windows NT interoperation" manual at

Any key build/compile or install/configuration issues for either samba,
ClearCase or UNIX?

Please reply to sysadmin at, since we are not on this list.


Bart Baenisch, MIS Manager
bbaenisch at  619-646-0115
HNC Aptex Internet Solutions
9605 Scranton Road, Suite 240
San Diego, CA 92121

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