Persistent locked files & Win95

Steve Snyder ssnyder at
Wed Apr 7 15:58:17 GMT 1999

I often find with Samba v2.0.3 that files accessed via Win95 (OSR2) stay 
locked forever after exiting the application that used them.

I've got an application called Visual SlickEdit (VSE), which is installed
on a shared drive.  The drive is an exported Samba share from my RedHat
v5.2 (kernel v2.2.5) server.  Both the Win32 and OS/2 versions of VSE are 
installed beneath the same subdirectory on the shared drive.

Both versions of VSE use an *.exe file and several *.dll files while the
editor is running.  After exiting the program some or all files may remain
locked forever, or at least they are reported as locked by smbstatus.  This
behavior is only seen under Win95.  When running the OS/2 version of VSE 
the locks on the files are released when the application is exited.

Is there some Samba configuration I can tweak to have the locked files 
freed when accessed under Win95?

Thank you.

*** Steve Snyder ***

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