LMHOSTS in Unix..

Sajan K Lukose sajan at royal.net
Wed Apr 7 15:33:06 GMT 1999

I have a samba server configured on an AIX system I am able to access it
from my NT Machine. since it's on a different Segment, I declared the IP
address on 'lmhosts' file.
Now I need to access the same from another Unix System. But my client
cannot find the server. Is there anything corresponding to the 'lmosts'
in Unix. The client program is working since I can access my local NT
machie from it. I am using the AIX Connect.client program as the client.
(Ofcource I dont have any access to the Server.. Other wise I could ve
managed with NFS.) DO I need to configure Wins on my system.?. Wins is
not running properly on my system too.

I know, too much questions.  But I was going thru all the FAQs for the
last 2 days.. and could nt find any..

Sajan Lukose

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