Creating SMB shares with SWAT

Jrauch at Jrauch at
Tue Apr 6 20:27:15 GMT 1999


When I create a share with SWAT, it generally takes 5-10 minutes before I
can browse to the share from an SMB client. If I kill the smbd and nmbd
daemons and restart them manually, this of course, makes the shares show up
immediately. Obviously, this delay is waiting for Samba to reload the
smb.conf and create the shares. It doesn't seem that using the "restart"
button next to either of the smbd or nmbd daemons works in SWAT, and I would
also venture a guess that while the services are restarting, the Samba
server would be unavailable to SMB requests. 

Is it possible to speed up the time that Samba waits to refresh it's
smb.conf file? Is there any other way to create shares and have them show up

John Rauch

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