[SOLVED] Re: Logon scripts

Carey F. Cox carey at tabasco.lamar.edu
Tue Apr 6 15:17:05 GMT 1999

Thanks to all who responded. I now have a fully functional Samba file 
server (except for encrypted passwords, but that is another thread). 
I have just been testing so far, but everything appears to work great. 

Enlightened with all of the suggestions, I went back and reread Blair's 
book, "Samba: Integrating UNIX and Windows," and noticed his discussion 
on "Dynamically Generating Network Logon Scripts." This was exactly 
what I needed and the CDRom that comes with the book includes the 
Perl script to do the job. After modification for my system parameters, 
the script works great!

Thanks again to those who responded, the Samba Team and John Blair.


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