smbsh cannot do cat, cp ...

Lei Wang lei at
Mon Apr 5 21:38:01 GMT 1999


I have samba 2.0.3 running on my SGI IRIX 6.4 box.  So far everything
seems to work fine with the following exception.

When I run smbsh.  I think somehow the program thinks that it is
operating on the system root directory (/), not the /smb/host/...

Here are a few symptoms:

I start smbsh (in tcsh), it first gives an error rightaway:

ERROR: can't get smbw shared lock (Bad file number)

(By the way this error does NOT appear when I use bash).

Then it lets me cd to /smb/host/files...
For example, I can use more CONFIG.SYS and it prints it on the screen,
or vi or emacs on the file, and can save to this location through
the file editors.
BUT if I say 'cat CONFIG.SYS' or 'cp CONFIG.SYS ...' next it will say
UX:cat: ERROR: Cannot open CONFIG.SYS: No such file or directory

Another example:

I start smbsh as a user and try to copy a unix box file to the /smb/host
sub directory, it would complain permission problem.  But when I start
smbsh as root it would not.  But it copies the unix box file to /
(that's why the permission problem, I guess)!

Can anyone shed some light on all this?

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