CD exported through Samba "loses" files

Claudiu Balciza cbalciza at
Mon Apr 5 11:30:40 GMT 1999

I use to export a CD fs through samba.
The cdrom is a SCSI toshiba on Adaptec AIC7880.
The CD is the (genuine M$) Office 97Pro.
Mount shows it as iso 9660.
Linux RH5.2/k2.2.2 on a Digital SMP server.
Samba 2.0.2

Given some time after the mount, some files "dissapear".
They cannot be seen neither through unix commands nor through samba.
Umounting/mounting the CD solves the trouble, but samba is very slow on
releasing closed files so this is not an option.

Any ideea about why does this happen ?



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