nmbd browse sync

Andrew A. Razdolsky rand at kipt.kharkov.ua
Mon Apr 5 12:38:21 GMT 1999

i have the following network topology

| Group1  |    ip-tunnel    | Group1  |--- LANet21
|Wins Ser1| ----- .... -----|Wins Ser2|----- LANet22
|_________|                 |_________|
   |  |
   |  |
   |  | LANet11
   | LANet12

On LANetxx i have mesh of groups. The problem is that on Wins Serx
i have only groups local to it. But when LMB on local to Wins server
net is down and on the remote Wins server it has LMB for same group up
only in this situation LMB appears on other Win Server. On both Wins 
servers the following configured:
	 remote browse sync = Wins Ser-remote
  	 remote announce = Wins Ser-remote

>From LANetxx host i can "Find Computer" from Win95 stations on remote
LANetxx by name if that station has both Wins server configured.

What is a problem? 

Thank you for any answer.


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