Admin User

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Sun Apr 4 03:33:32 GMT 1999

> From: "Carey F. Cox" <carey at>
> To: Samba Mailing List <samba at>
> Subject: Admin user
> I want to create a user "samba" that has admin privileges over the 
> directory where Win95 apps will be installed, but does not have 
> root privileges. 
> Are their any problems with doing so?
don't make the samba user setup with the admin users = parameter.

if the apps are Read only then just make it so the samba user has write
powers and no one else does.

admin users do all accesses as root. so it kinda is dangerous to setup an
admin user.
just setup a user w/write access and disable everyone else's write access

like this

path = /some/where/95apps
writeable = yes
write list = samba
read list = (users whom you wish to read this share)

or something like that.


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